Two of my good friends have taken on "Project 365" and have inspired me to do the same. Basically, the goal is to take one picture everyday for a year and to post the picture along with a brief description. It's been quite interesting and entertaining to follow these women's adventures and while I don't anticipate my posts to be as exciting as a new college grad or someone studying/traveling in Europe, I thought this would be a unique way to document the first year of the littles' lives. I can just about guarantee that this blog will not be updated daily and perhaps not even weekly, but I'll give it my best effort to post on a regular basis. My hope is that this will be a popular site for the grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends of the littles and that this can be a fun way to watch them grow.

*November, 2011* We made it through the year, and I thought perhaps I'd try to redesign the blog for the future, intermittent updates. But, this twin mom is going to keep it simple and just keep going. Do not expect daily photos; we'll just post highlights from now on. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monkeys jumping on the couch

October 27, 2011

After a few days of letting them test out the waters, we've given in and have given Josie and Noah free access to the couch. Despite several bonked heads, I think they like the change.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


October 31, 2011
After visiting with Sue Silvester and trick-or-treating at PHS, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan had a nice evening handing out candy to the local kids. Thankfully for us, they slept right through all those who showed up after their bedtime.

Baby Blessing

October 29, 2011

We all headed to Berkeley for Josie and Noah's new cousin's baby blessing, but not before a photo shoot (and not before Josie gave me the stink-eye...ummm, clearly I'm in trouble).

Let's take a ride

October 27, 2011
Josie and Noah shared their wagon with their friend Valerie and they all let out some energy at the local park.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Uncles and Aunts Visit

October 25, 2011
Uncle Mel, Uncle John and Aunt Helene all dropped in on us today for a visit.

Fall Festivities

October 2011
We're so blessed to live in beautiful Sonoma County and we took advantage of many of the fall festivities. Below are pictures from the Petaluma Adobe Pumpkin Patch, Tolay Fall Festival, and a local ranch.

(Noah developed a fear of sheep at this very moment. As we were taking this photo, the sheep all began to "baaahhh!" loudly from behind him. Days later, when I would "bah" he'd still come running to me. I know, that seems mean, but it was tough (and funny) love. And he is no longer afraid of sheep.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nonna Visits

October 2011
Noah may now love Nonna's visits more than I do. Since she's left, every time the phone rings he says "Nonna?"

Great-Grandma's Birthday

October 23, 2011
Great-grandma's birthday was a true cause for celebration. I'm still kicking myself that we didn't get a picture of her with Josie and Noah, but overall, we had a wonderful visit with everyone. (And Josie and Noah did a great job sitting with all of us at the dinner table.)

Cousin Love

October 22, 2011
Fun day with our cousins Jacob and Luca.

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do

October 19, 2011
I packed up the kids and headed to Chuck's retirement party. We received quite a bit of attention, but I didn't want to risk a double melt-down in the middle of the fancy Prelude. Fortunately there were many hands on deck to help out and entertain the littles.


October 16, 2011
Ben and the kids enjoyed an afternoon with the Breene's at a train exhibition.

Like Dad

October 13, 2011
Grandma and Grandpa have a photo of Ben in one of their kitchen drawers. Apparently it runs in the family. And as proof that our Jo is truly a little, that outfit is a hand-me-down from her cousin Tori. Tori wore it when she was about 6 months old.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Indoor Fun

October 15, 2011

Reinforcements arrived in the mail. Bracing ourselves for the cabin fever that is sure to ensue, we ordered a small play structure for the living room. At first, the slide lived behind a fence, only to be used during immediate supervision. But once they learned to climb the fence (more on that in a future post), the slide is now free game. And boy do they play! Here they are on a couple of occasions:


October 10, 2011

Yet again, it was time to go through the hand-me-down bins and get ready for the fall and winter. I knew these hats wouldn't fit them yet, but I just had to try them on. I love the progression of photos: first they check each other out, then it seems as though they agree that they look ridiculous, and finally they surrender to the fact that I'm loving every minute, while they're obviously not amused.

"Me, too"

October 3, 2011

Sent this via email to the immediate family and thought I'd share it here too:

"This morning, I was in the kitchen making Josie and Noah some breakfast when I heard Josie start to cry a cry I've never heard before. It wasn't a fussy 'I want to be in there with you' or a frustrated 'Noah quit bugging me' or even a hurt cry. But it was definitely something serious; there was a 'this needs attention immediately' tone in her cry. So I turned the corner to see that she had gotten her arm misplaced and stuck in her shirt. Knowing she was safe and not hurt, I began to laugh and went to get the camera to capture the moment in order to share with Ben when he arrived home at the end of the day. Well, Noah noticed all of the attention his big sister was getting and decided to get in on the act. He pulled his shirt over his head in pure 'look at me' fashion."

And Godmother responded:
"Ahhh, Baby B  AKA 'Me, too.'"

Fortunately, with all the fun she was having that afternoon at a playgroup, Josie got over it. And, Noah continued to ham it up.

Fun Weekend

October 1-2, 2011

Grandpa stopped in for a quick visit on his way to Sacramento and our friend Valerie moved to Sonoma County.

Monday, October 3, 2011


September 29, 2011
"Bye-bye" photo of the day project! It's been 365 days and while I didn't capture a photo every single day, I did pretty well (I did a quick count and missed about 35 days). I can't quite believe that an entire year has passed - everyone was right, it does happen so quickly! I feel like it was just yesterday when Ben and I were up in the middle of the night using just about every pillow in the house to prop up and feed our tiny little babies on this very chair. Now they are climbing all over it.

Josie and Noah have taught me way too many things to list, but here are a few of my reflections:
- I/we are so incredibly blessed!
- We are forever indebted to all of the family and friends who helped us get through this first year +
- Life's easier when I don't take it all so seriously
- You can always change your plans
- Sometimes dancing makes everything better
- Hugs ALWAYS make everything better
- It's okay for me to make mistakes (and typos); it'll give the littles the example and space they need to do they same as they experience all life has to offer
- Be careful what you do and say, because they are always watching and listening
- Live in and appreciate the moment

I'll continue to update the blog periodically with Josie and Noah's crazy antics (I think the grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles would kill me if I didn't). But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm happy to have accomplished my goal - now on to the next project...any suggestions?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can't keep up

September 28, 2011
I could not believe it when I turned to find Noah trying to use the refrigerator water dispenser (thank goodness it has a locking feature). How do I stay one step ahead of these kids?

Schollenberger Park

September 27, 2011
Took a walk around Schollenberger Park this hot afternoon and Josie and Noah did great. They much prefer the wagon to the stroller when we're just on a walk. We had a good time catching up with our friends Jennifer and twins Lily and Marybeth. By the end of the walk Josie and Noah were so warm, they had the rosiest cheeks I've seen.

Call and Answer

September 26, 2011
Some twin Mama friends and I spent the morning chasing after our kiddos at the Schulz Museum. They all really enjoyed the tub of water, and I was happy to catch Josie and Noah's twin connection on video. The "eeeyyyyy" that you hear in the background is Josie.

Rainy Day

September 25, 2011
Despite the thick mist, we headed out to check out some farms as part of the "Farm Trails" event. Upon arriving at our first designation, the weather was just too wet, so we decided to turn around. As we headed back into town the rain began to let up so we thought we'd check out the Antique Fair in downtown, only for it to begin raining again as we parked the car. So, back home we went, lunched and napped. That afternoon, the sun made an appearance and headed back to downtown.