Two of my good friends have taken on "Project 365" and have inspired me to do the same. Basically, the goal is to take one picture everyday for a year and to post the picture along with a brief description. It's been quite interesting and entertaining to follow these women's adventures and while I don't anticipate my posts to be as exciting as a new college grad or someone studying/traveling in Europe, I thought this would be a unique way to document the first year of the littles' lives. I can just about guarantee that this blog will not be updated daily and perhaps not even weekly, but I'll give it my best effort to post on a regular basis. My hope is that this will be a popular site for the grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends of the littles and that this can be a fun way to watch them grow.

*November, 2011* We made it through the year, and I thought perhaps I'd try to redesign the blog for the future, intermittent updates. But, this twin mom is going to keep it simple and just keep going. Do not expect daily photos; we'll just post highlights from now on. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Josie and Noah's first conversation

April 28, 2011

While I acknowledge that I've gotten very far behind on blogging, I've made it a goal to catch up by the time the littles are 2 (which frighteningly is right around the corner!). And I've realized that by not blogging regularly, I'm forgetting some of their funny antics. Therefore, I'm sitting down to document their first conversation...well the first one I've been able to understand.

Today as I put one of Josie's shoes on, preparing to head out for a walk, Noah came up beside me and picked up her other shoe.
(Looking at me and then to Josie) Noah: "Help"
Me: "Okay, thank you Noah"
(Placing Josie's shoe at her foot) Noah to Josie: "Push"
Josie to Noah: "Too tight!"
Noah to Josie: "Come on!"