Two of my good friends have taken on "Project 365" and have inspired me to do the same. Basically, the goal is to take one picture everyday for a year and to post the picture along with a brief description. It's been quite interesting and entertaining to follow these women's adventures and while I don't anticipate my posts to be as exciting as a new college grad or someone studying/traveling in Europe, I thought this would be a unique way to document the first year of the littles' lives. I can just about guarantee that this blog will not be updated daily and perhaps not even weekly, but I'll give it my best effort to post on a regular basis. My hope is that this will be a popular site for the grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends of the littles and that this can be a fun way to watch them grow.

*November, 2011* We made it through the year, and I thought perhaps I'd try to redesign the blog for the future, intermittent updates. But, this twin mom is going to keep it simple and just keep going. Do not expect daily photos; we'll just post highlights from now on. Enjoy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Country Village

August 19, 2011
We all picnicked and played at the Country Village and we ended our day with Josie and Noah's first train ride. It was only 8 minutes long, but halfway through, Noah became heavy. I asked Tauntie if he was asleep and sure enough, he was. (On a different note, I packed a bunch of clothes for cold weather, but the weather was gorgeous. Fortunately, Tauntie had several boxes of hand-me-down clothes ready for Josie. Tori's old overall shorts were perfect for Noah.


August 18, 2011
Tauntie provided Josie and Noah with a right of passage: their first time eating Molo. They loved it and of course, got it all over the place. Josie gave herself a Molo shampoo and facial.

Baby Group

August 17, 2011
Josie and Noah joined in the fun at Loli's "baby group." It was funny to hear the moms comment about how cute it was to put them both in the same swing. We're used to it as it's often what we've got to do because there's usually only one swing available at the park.

Story Time

August 16, 2011
After a day of playing around the house and out front in the sprinklers, Annabelle and Juliette read Josie and Noah their bedtime stories.

Separation Anxiety

August 15, 2011
We all look happy enough, but our second day in Seattle was challenging. Noah displayed serious separation anxiety; forget about leaving the room, I couldn't even put him down to prepare lunch for the 2 of them. Josie got fed up with all of the attention Noah was getting and wanted some mom time this is how I spent most of the afternoon. I do count my lucky stars though - they are good sleepers! So, once I put them down, I enjoyed some wine and come chocolate birthday cake.

Double Double Trouble

August 14, 2011
Josie and Noah were reunited with their twin cousins Annabelle (right) and Juliette (left). We spent our first day in Seattle playing with all of the cousins and celebrating Loli's birthday at the park. (I spent the day chasing Josie and Noah as they ran in two different directions. Thanks to all the extra people at the park who helped me corral them.) Josie really enjoyed chasing the bubbles and stacking cones, while Noah played with Uncle Mike and raced around the concrete courtyard. Bam Bam quickly forgave Uncle Mike for the huge bump he got on his head. Bennett noticed it right away that night when we Skyped.

Our Big Adventure

August 13, 2011
With the advice of all of the moms who've come before me, and Tori there to help (she's the cousin extraordinaire and big sister to her own set of twins), I embarked on our first plane trip. Of course we heard all of the usual comments: "are they twins?" "how cute, twins!" "you have your hands full" and "double trouble" among others. Thank god for Tori who was incredible, entertaining one kid while I changed the other. Then we boarded the plane and Tori juggled the kids with the help of a flight attendant while I loaded the car seats. For the most part, Josie and Noah did okay - just a little fussing. But, as soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, Josie vomited ALL OVER THE PLACE. Lesson learned: I need to pack a change of clothes for myself too. Jo got cozy in her second set of jammies and I reeked for the rest of the trip. More important lesson learned: There are many genuinely good, helpful and friendly people out there.

The tables have turned

August 12, 2011
It's bizarre to see Julien here all grown up, playing with my kids.  I would never trade all of those summers/winters in Montreal with the Corrado family and I can only hope Josie and Noah will have the opportunity to spend as much time with "the kids" - Julien, Alex and Cluadjia. Quite possibly three of the most incredible people I know. You can see it in Noah's eyes...he knows a good thing!

Les Canadiens et Californiens

August 11, 2011
Tori and I were swinging the littles at the park when a van full of our favorite people pulled up. The Larimer family, Mason, Julien and Maude arrived for a weekend visit.

Discovery Museum

August 10, 2011
We spent the morning at the mall purchasing our new computer (thanks for entertaining the little Tori!) and then had a wonderful afternoon with our twin friends at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Josie and Noah both enjoyed the freedom to explore and Josie founds some new confidence in her gross motor skills. She was climbing on everything when we returned home.

Too much fun

August 9, 2011
We must have been having so much fun with Tori that we forgot to take a photo.


August 8, 2011
Jacob, Luka (and Auntie Nicole) came up for the day to hang out and drop Tori off.  We were supposed to go to the fair, but I didn't realize that it was closed on Mondays...oh well, we had a fun day anyway.

Stopping In

August 7, 2011
Nonna and Nonno arrived to deliver a very special gift. They brought Tori with them to Northern Ca - she spent the week with us and then helped me fly to Seattle with the littles. (More on that to come.)

Hide and Seek

August 6, 2011
This is their version of hide and seek (please excuse the shaky camera...I was laughing at them).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Favorite Things

August 5, 2011
We love visitors and we love story time. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us Tammy.

She's Back

August 4, 2011
Auntie Karina spent the night last night after getting in late from her trip to Atlanta. Josie and Noah were both surprised and thrilled to see her come out of the office in the morning; they're used to greeting her at the front door. They showered her with some hugs and lovin' and then it was playtime.

Responsible or Morbid?

August 3, 2011
We went to SSU to have a friend notarize our wills and trust...can't help but feel like responsible (and morbid) adults. Afterward, we kicked back for a little lunch.


(August 1-2)
The problem with updating a blog once a month is that you lose track of your photos...I thought I took pictures everyday this month, but apparently I didn't. So, here are some random updates; things that have happened in the last month, but I don't remember exactly when:

  • Both Josie and Noah are running now
  • Noah has his first molar - that makes 9 teeth, with three more trying to break through
  • Jo still only has 6 teeth, but I think she's working on some too
    • Correction (8/28) - I found 2 top molars while brushing her teeth. That makes 6 on top and 2 on the bottom.
  • There are signs that they are getting ready to go down to one nap a day - here's hoping that's a smooth transition!
  • Every time they hear music they start to dance
  • When they hear "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" they sing along


July 31, 2011
After a good cuddle with our friend Rachel, we headed to the park in our new (to us) ATW.

They make me laugh!

July 30, 2011
Officially finished with my work as an "orientation consultant," I spent my first day back in the role of "stay-at-home mom" laughing at Josie and Noah. In the midst of double melt-downs, it's nice to be able to call to mind these moments of entertainment.