Two of my good friends have taken on "Project 365" and have inspired me to do the same. Basically, the goal is to take one picture everyday for a year and to post the picture along with a brief description. It's been quite interesting and entertaining to follow these women's adventures and while I don't anticipate my posts to be as exciting as a new college grad or someone studying/traveling in Europe, I thought this would be a unique way to document the first year of the littles' lives. I can just about guarantee that this blog will not be updated daily and perhaps not even weekly, but I'll give it my best effort to post on a regular basis. My hope is that this will be a popular site for the grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends of the littles and that this can be a fun way to watch them grow.

*November, 2011* We made it through the year, and I thought perhaps I'd try to redesign the blog for the future, intermittent updates. But, this twin mom is going to keep it simple and just keep going. Do not expect daily photos; we'll just post highlights from now on. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mama's Helpers

April 5, 2011
Josie and Noah decided it would be fun to help me load the dishwasher. I can't wait until this is actually one of their chores :). In addition, Noah's 7th tooth has come through and for the first time today he's used his pincer grasp to get finger foods in his mouth. Josie has been feeding herself for some time; she may be small but those little hands are quite coordinated.

Monday, April 4, 2011

9 Months Stats

April 4, 2011
Josie and Noah had their 9 month checkup today and here are the stats:

  • Josie is 15lbs 5oz (3rd percentile), 26 inches (8th percentile), with a head circumference of 17 inches (25th percentile). She's in the 25th percentile for "weight-for-length."
  • Noah is 20lbs 3oz (48th percentile), 28 inches (45th percentile), with a head circumference of 18 inches (60th percentile). He's in the 90th percentile for "weight-for-length."
Overall the visit went well and the littles are healthy and growing. Ben and I can't believe how much they're growing...see below (Josie's first)

Seeing Double

April 3, 2011
Kira and Cole (Tana and Jonas) hosted a group of us for a multiples BBQ. I couldn't get everyone in the shot but there were 13 parents and 14 kids (I think). Josie and Noah had a great time playing with Kira and Cole's toys and I think Noah was trying to charm me into buying him his own new jumper.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's This?

April 2, 2011
Sonoma County has finally dried up enough for the littles to experience grass for the first time. Noah was indifferent. Josie was not a fan. In other news, Noah now has 6 teeth.

Nine Month Photo Shoot

April 1, 2011
It's getting harder and harder to get them both to stay still, let alone smile at the same time. I can't believe they're already 9 months. It both feels like they were born yesterday and a lifetime ago. Our life before we were parents is all just a big blur now. Here's a photo below taken minutes after they were born (Josie is on the right). Judging by all of the typos I make on this blog, perhaps I'm still as sleep deprived as back then...

Twin Bond

March 31, 2011
Josie and Noah are really starting to enjoy each other's company and they crack each other (and as a result, me) up. If they aren't playing together they often check in to see what the other is up to and when I put them down or when they wake up from a nap, they chat away and make each other giggle. The development of this bond if pretty fascinating to watch.

Big Kid Bath

March 30, 2011
I finally told convinced Bennett that it was time for a double big kid bath and and Josie and Noah had a great time (with no major slips!). Bath nights have officially gotten easier (and more fun)!


March 29, 2011
Josie pulled herself up to a stand. We were all sitting in the living room and she tried to pull herself up on the coffee table, but gave up quickly. Then, Noah came over and showed her how it was done, so she tried again and was successful. This photo is staged because I didn't have the camera, but I wanted to mark the occasion. It was fun to have Jenniebear there to witness this milestone with me. In addition, Josie's third tooth came in.

Back to where it all started

March 28, 2011
We took the littles and Eddie to SSU to see where it all began. Here, Jennie, Rachel and I are with the littles in front of Traminer, where will all lived together our freshmen year. For those of you who don't know, Ben and I met here our freshmen year. He lived directly upstairs from us.

New people to play with

March 27, 2011
Josie and Noah loved having Jennie and Eddie stay with. We hope that the early mornings didn't scare them away and that they'll visit again soon.

Another Traminer Reunion

March 26, 2011
Jennie and Eddie came up from San Diego for a visit so it was time for another Traminer reunion. Shannan, Scott, Connor and Addison, Jessica and Valerie, and Rach all joined us in Sonoma County. Here, Noah is hanging out with the guys during his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese's, while Josie and the girls follow the big kids around.

No Photo

March 25, 2011
I think I can still count the number of "no photo" days on one hand (?) - not to bad for 6 months!